Amazing After Uses Of Green Tea Bags

“From a small consumption base, demand for green tea is increasing. There will be growth in consumption. Traditionally, people here drink black tea with sugar and milk. But green tea consumption will grow in the future because of its health benefits and awareness,” Krishan Katyal, J Thomas & Co director, told IANS.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, there are other advantages of green tea too…so

Hi There Bubblers…Did You Have Your Cup Of Green Tea Yet?

Its the rains here in India and ‘m sure you adore your cup of tea more this time of the year. But is it green we ask? For green tea is not just a refreshing hot beverage, but a drink that comes with a number of health benefits. You just need to make slight changes in the way you prepare your cuppa so that you get tea that’s not grassy, bitter, or just too strong.

3 Ways to Gain More Advantages of Green Tea, Used Bags

On rainy days, as on any other day, your green beverage helps bust bad fats, rejuvenates your mind, helps tone your body fitness levels and is as much effective to fight away cold. But today we are going to discuss a lot more than mere health benefits.

You’ll be surprised to know that your healthy, happy and humble green tea not only cleanses your body of toxins, but does so much more long after you are done with them. Here are some very interesting and Eco-friendly ways of extracting more value from your green tea purchases.

green tea bags on red eyes

Tea bags are also known to sooth red eyes

Green Tea Bags, An In-House Anti Rust Applicant

Tannings present in used tea bags are a great way to keep your kitchen utensils from rusting. Preserve your tea bags after use for in-house anti rust applications. Rub all sections of the vessel with a damp, used tea bag that prevents oxidation and rusting.

Tea Is A Known Antiseptic Healer

What do you do when your child comes home after play with a cut or a bruise… Go for the antiseptic cream or lotion? And what do you do if you have run out of the cream or lotion? Run to the local chemist? With used tea bags, you needn’t worry about healing of small cuts and bruises. Get one of your used tea bags and moisten it with water. Then simply apply it on the bruise for a couple of minutes while the tannins work on stopping blood flow.

Used Green Tea Bags As Window Glass Cleaners

Well, we always said tea is a natural cleaner. This statement goes a bit further when you get to clean your window glass, table tops and other glassware with used tea bags, isn’t it? Re-boil the used tea bags and use the solution to brighten up your home!

Japanese Green Tea from the Shizuoka region is known for it high quality and detoxifying characteristics. Now you can benefit from this economical and effective way to wellness naturally, in addition to above uses. For doorstep delivery from most trusted source online, visit – Robertson Shizuoka’s online store on

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The True Cost Of Bad Fat | Green Tea Busts Bad Fat

Bad Fat Calculator



Age (18- 80)

Waist Measurement*

*Measuring your waist

Your waist measurement should be determined by measuring the distance around your natural waist which is located just above your navel.

Calculator Credits:


Take a bad fat test. If the results are worrisome, this article illustrates how dreadful is bad fat. And how badly it can burn a large hole in your pocket in addition to affecting the quality of your life. But experts say you needn’t worry yet, as there are a number of ways to cut down bad fat the natural way. Apart from following a regular exercise regime and healthy lifestyle habits, adding fast-belly-blasting foods, like 3 to 4 cups of real quality green tea, to your daily diet can work out miracles for your body.

“Drinking four cups of green tea a day helped people shed more than six pounds in eight weeks, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports. Credit EGCG, a compound in the brew that temporarily speeds metabolism after sipping it. To up your intake, keep a jug of iced tea in the fridge.” – The Top Fat-Burning Foods,

Top 2 Bad-Fat’s-Bad-Effects & Clean Up Remedies

Bad Fat Buster Diet

Must Start Bad Fat Busters

  • Lifestyle Diseases Linked To Bad Fats

Bad fat increases low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, popularly known as LDL or bad cholesterol. This is a known contributor of plaque build-up lining the arteries. So how can you cut down on these bad fats….?

A new study  published on New England Journal of Medicine’s  website found out that people who had a diet rich of olives, nuts, beans, fish, vegetables and fresh fruits reported 30% reduction in deaths related to heart diseases.

  • Harmful Self-Inflicting Fat Talk Linked To Bad Fats

The term “FAT” isn’t necessarily bad, like good fat and good cholesterol. What makes is sound “bad” is its generic association with “Bad Fat”.

However, consistent fat talk leads to people hating their bodies; this is true even for people who have relatively slimmer bodies, and are healthy. Take for example some of the reigning Bollywood stars, like Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan. Media has been going ga-ga with praise about her acclaimed works and at the same brandishing them her being “FAT”.

This results in unhealthy diet plans, especially amongst youngsters and women. While everybody is beautiful, and have a right to be appreciated, a conscious effort needs to be taken to fight unhealthy lifestyles in a healthy way.

Instead of abusing oneself through the casual culture of body hate, we as a society need to being supportive of better living, good fat foods and healthy habits.

Bad Fat Burning With Japanese Green Tea

Green tea from the Shizuoka region of Japan is known for it high quality and detoxifying characteristics. World-over, green tea lovers claim it to be the most economical and effective way to fight bad fats, naturally. That means, no big changes required in your daily lifestyle, no worries from side effects and easy availability with doorstep delivery from most trusted source online – Robertson Shizuoka, Singapore.

Apart from regular consumption of Green Tea, you can also improve your diet with…

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4 Natural Ways To Boot Out Depression

A cup of sencha (CC: Christian on Wikipedia)

A cup of sencha to drive away depression (CC: Christian on Wikipedia)

Adults regularly consuming green tea have reported to reduced stress levels. A research by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition of approximately 1,000 elderly people revealed amazing benefits of Japanese green tea. For one, cognitive functions fared better, i.e. people who took more than 3-4 cups a reported 40% reduced depressive tendencies.

Daily Green Tea Boots Out Depression

People of all ages can benefit from this trendy health drink. So what does green tea do?

  1. Green tea is full of antioxidants
  2. Daily consumption of green tea boosts dopamine in the brain

Dopamine is a signaling substance in brain circuits that are crucial to creating positive mood states.

  1. Known to control glucose levels in blood that reduces irritability and anxiety
  2. Green tea also boosts metabolism, that is good to burn your bad fats
  3. Last but not the least, what could be a better way than a natural and healthy drink

Daily Exercise Boosts Endorphins Boots Depression

Now this is common knowledge, experience that has been transferred from generations. However, regular exercise might be something most people miss out in the hustle bustle of urban life. And that means lack of sufficient endorphins in the body system.

Endorphins are known to block pain and boost feelings of pleasure. They encourage us to go after that good thing in order to feel the associated pleasure. And regular exercise triggers positive endorphins, good enough to boot depression, aren’t they?

Combine Exercise With Nutrition (Cc: Arya Ziai)

Combine Exercise With Nutrition (Cc: Arya Ziai)

Balanced Nutrition Boots Out Depression

Vitamin B deficiency in the body may result in depressive feelings. So if your daily dosage of nutrition is hampered or less than adequate, it will lower vitamin B and make things worse.

A healthy diet influences mood. So pack your lifestyle with nutritious food – seasonal fruits, green vegetables, nuts and fish – for good and improved mental health, too.

Antidepressant Foods That Help Beat The Blues

  1. Dark chocolate is considered to be helpful in fighting depression. It releases serotonin that relaxes the blood vessels. But chocolate is also known to be high in calories, so limited consumption is advised by experts.
  2. Turmeric (Haldi) too is known to boot out depression. Found in good amounts in most Indian foods, this ‘spice of life’ contains turmerones and curcuminods, which help lift up spirits and address a wide range of other health issues too.
  3. Dairy products too are known sources of anti-depressants. Skimmed milk, yogurt, and other low fat calcium rich dairy products contain loads of vitamins and proteins. Good reason why you should add them in your intake to stimulate wellness.

And you sure might have your own sweet ways to boot out depression. So do share them with us in the comments section. It might help someone fight their blues, better.

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