Ginseng Bittergourd Tea (TLY)

60 tea bags

Ginseng has been used for thousands of years to enhance physical, sexual and mental performance, and to increase energy. Recent studies are showing that Panax ginseng supports healthy blood glucose levels, an important factor in weight control. Bitter melon commonly used in Thai cooking, but it does a lot more than add flavor. One study showed that rats given bitter melon drew fewer calories from their high fat food, had less visceral adipose tissue, lower blood glucose, and significantly reduced insulin resistance

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Product Description

How It Helps & Benefits
1. May help boosting physical stamina & performance
2. May help boosting sexual performance
3. May help control diabetes
4. May help Suppress Ageing

How to prepare & Drink
1. Pour boiling water into tea cups first, allowing water to cool a little before use.
2. Place tea bag into a tea pot for 3-4minutes.
3. Take out the tea bag from the cup
4. Enjoy your cup of green tea.


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